Welcome to the path that could lead to a cure for CLL

What is CLL?

The most common type of adult leukemia, CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) is caused by the accumulation of lymphocytes in the blood stream, the bone marrow, and in lymph nodes. The progress of the disease varies widely among patients.

Is CLL curable?

There is no cure for CLL. Some treatments show promise but research has not yet provided a way to match treatment with blood counts and other diagnostic tests with certainty.

Why a CLL Patient Database?

Public records do not relate the number of cases to age at diagnosis and other important treatment and research factors. Patients need a way to track their own blood cell counts and treatment history. The CLL PDB helps patients, their doctors and medical researchers.

How can you help?

If you are a patient or know one check out the facts on the web site about our organization, Patient Databases, and how the PDB works, The Database. Patients should Register and contribute their data to help find a cure.

Read Report I on CLL Patients (pdf format)

Read Report I on CLL Patients (Microsoft Word Format)

Read Report II on Charting Patients (pdf format)

Read Report II on Charting Patients (Microsoft Word Format)

Click here to view video on how to chart your blood data.